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Welcome to One Space Health Care

An Integrated, Holistic Healthcare Clinic

Naturopathic medicine is oriented to heal your body, and not to simply treat symptoms or disease states. One Space Health Care offers both primary and specialty healthcare services to support your healing path to wellness. Based on your physical and psychological conditions as well as your goals, we evaluate the best treatment options available for you - offering you the best of both conventional and natural medicine


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15962 Boones Ferry Rd Ste 204 Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Phone (503) 675-2439

Fax (503) 210-0913

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A Respectful and Collaborative Healthcare Experience


Dr. Jessica Evans

"My passion as a physician is to offer patients a new perspective on healthcare. Too often I hear that patients have not felt heard or feel misunderstood by other providers.  "Integrated Medicine," to me, not only means the integration between conventional and natural modalities but also the integration between doctor and patient. I develop a partnership with each of my patients as every one of them is an individual with unique preferences and goals. It's my job to help them attain their best health possible, and I am deeply honored to be a part of that." 

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What’s New With Us

Welcome Dr. Adriane Knorr!

Dr. Knorr is a recent graduate of NUNM who has been working with Dr. Evans as a student for the last year. It is a pleasure to welcome her to the clinic!

Is Dr. Evans accepting new patients? 



As of September 2023, Dr. Evans is accepting new primary care patients. She is also accepting new patients with specialty care needs who have primary care providers elsewhere.

For established patients over 17 years of age who are requesting an appointment for a new acute concern or illness, Dr. Knorr is available for same day appointment add-ons. 

Teaching and Mentorship

Observing veteran doctors in practice is an essential component to the training of future naturopathic physicians. Dr. Evans regularly hosts ND students in her clinic offering them mentorship and instruction in patient care.  

Each patient will be asked before each visit if they are receptive to the presence of a student in their appointment. 

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